Freedom of speech or freedom to life?

  Those taking issue with Nesrine Malik’s fears about far-right propaganda (Letters, 24 March) are?not those at the butt end of far-right violence. Across Europe, far-right groups are forming paramilitary organisations, arming themselves and preparing for race war – as the growing catalogue of racist murders, attacks on asylum centres, mosques and synagogues attests. It is the privileging of freedom of speech over freedom to life that has emboldened identitarian and neo-Nazi activists, who are experts at manipulating naive liberal arguments about freedom of speech.

  Liz Fekete

  Director, Institute of Race Relations

  ? Simon Jenkins (23 March) says he isn’t holding his breath waiting for the Tories to agree a Norwegian-style arrangement with the EU. In Norway, trade unionists are on the company’s board. In Theresa May’s UK, trade unionists are lucky to be on the company’s premises.

  David Beake

  Budock Water, Cornwall

  ? At junior school in north-east Lancashire, my classmate’s mum sent him back after a bout of diarrhoea (Letters, 24 March) with a?note saying “back yard trots”.

  Ron Tate

  Havant, Hampshire

  ? Dash In A Rush, Run Hard Or Else?Accident.

  Andrew Hewitt

  Wrington, North Somerset

  ? I’ve always found it difficult to spell mnemonics. I wonder if there is?an easy way to remember how to do so.

  Isabel Montagnon

  Lingfield, Surrey

  ? Curses! Never saw that job advertised (Toby Young keeps free?schools job because no one else?applied, 23 March).

  Rob Harris

  Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire

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